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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Love to Hold Books in My Hand

View from My Front Door
this Cool Autumn Morning
To my blogging friends ... I love the sleek look of Wordpress, but I have finally given it up to Blogger. Mainly because I want to keep in touch with some dear friends from the days when I took up blogging to promote my upcoming memoir (you were wonderful!) who are still with Blogger.

Some of you have published your own books since I began blogging and have gone to WordPress, but I know that a few of you find commenting on WordPress intimidating.

It intimidates me too. And I have only managed to learn the basics of WP. Have struggled to comment on the free template. And there's disqus and Gravatar etc. etc. etc. It all boggles my brain!

Blogger has changed somewhat also, but I think I've mostly got it. And some things, such as Permalinks, that I learned through my struggle with WordPress now help me with the upgraded Blogger. All in all, it's been a mind-expanding journey.

As For Books

At the beginning of the ebook revolution, when I was so fortunate to get published, I loved the ebook, and still like to read fiction on my iPad. But for non-fiction I want the old-fashioned paperback or hardcover so I can more easily underline and browse the book. I like that I can often find them through a used bookseller, which is the way I, unfortunately, usually have to go. And in the last quarter of my earth life, feeling "time's winged chariot hurrying near," I have a burning desire to read the many hardcover/paperback books I have in my traditional bookshelf - such as this one that just arrived in today's mail (oriented toward Mormons as Nephi is a character in the Book of Mormon).

And this one I bought a few weeks ago that won the National Jewish Book Award (Alter also wrote The Art of Biblical Poetry which I also have because I love poetry). I love the feel of both books in my hand.

You can probably see where this is going ... Heavy reading for my aging brain in the next 5-10 years! 

But my past reading of scholarly and religious books - when I wasn't a full-time caregiver and had more energy - is paying off. On a good day when I've slept well, my mind seems quickened, and I get really excited that I'm actually absorbing a fair amount of the content.

What about you
re Blogger versus WordPress?
re eBooks versus Hardcover/Paperback? 


  1. Oh Ann, so nice to see you here again. Definitely Blogger for me. I can't ever comment on wordpress blogs. I also love the feel of paper books (both fiction and nonfiction).

    1. Glad you're with me on the paper. And happy to know I made a good decision to come back to blogger for you and other dear friends. YAY.

  2. I'm always a fan of print over ebook. Love propping a nice fat book on my knee at night and having a good read. I keep my kindle reading for on the run.
    Definitely blogger over WP even though I have both.
    Hope all goes well with you and Jen!

    Love and ((())) to both you and Jen.

    1. So I made a great decision. We're doing well right now with a new aide and hope she lasts for a very good while.

  3. I haven't tried WP - Blogger has always worked easily for me and I have no desire to confuse myself further! :)
    I never thought I'd say it, but for the most part, I much prefer e-books!

    1. Very wise not to confuse yourself which is what I am trying to do also.

  4. Hello Ann
    I still have my original blog, though I had to make the hard choice to set aside blogging in favor of writing. At 64, and with an illness that may send me to the hospital at any time, I too feel time slipping by. I want to finish my series. Money is always an issue, so I am on hold at the moment waiting for enough to buy ISBN numbers. Than I will re-publish my original book with a new cover in both e-book format and paperback, to all sites. The I must buy book covers for the sequel and for a short story, plus hire an editor. Thie year though, I will turn 65 and I hope to use my social security to do some of that with.

    I can never seem to locate the comments on some of those who use Word Press. That makes it too frustrating for me.

    1. WP is frustrating to a lot of bloggers, so I'm glad to be back here to keep in touch with friends like you. I'm so sorry you're having financial issues. I know how that is as I've been there. I do hope you can finish your series, but I also hope you enjoy the journey as I think this is most important. Sometimes in life we just aren't able to do all we think we want to do. Take care ... I'm here whenever you need to talk :)

  5. Hi, Ann,

    I still prefer a BOOK.... Not wild about reading on iPads or other devices.... Funny, I am from your daughter's generation, and I still prefer BOOKS.... I've loved books my whole life and still buy them when I can. I collect them, too. I hope to some day have a REAL library with paneled walls, leather chesterfield chairs, and stunning antique brass incandescent lighting. I am definitely from another time. I've always felt that way. There is such a comfort in holding a book to me.

    I never looked into wordpress because I am truly happy with blogger. I don't blog too much these days, but when I do, I don't have to think about it, I just set it up and post....

    Nice to see your post, ANN.... Hoping all is well with you and your family.

    1. So you are about my daughter's age. Before her accident she was a traditional book reader, but with one bad arm among other problems she has trouble turning pages. So the eBook has become the way for her to read.

      I would love to see that REAL library ... with your designing abilities it would be awesome.

      I think I am now going to be happier with Blogger also. This post was one I had to barely think about it came to easily. And I feel that Blogger is "cozier" than WordPress.

      My family is well, thank you. Hope you are too. Look forward to seeing you "around." :)

  6. Hi Ann - I did look at WP and have an account ... so I can comment on WP blogs - and easy way through that morass ... but I started with blogger and seem stuck there for now ... it's relatively easy and I don't complicate things ...

    Books too - though I do use the internet, but I have a fair number of reference books I use for my posts - or get ideas from the one paper I buy, or via the tv, or radio .. and then extrapolate those ideas into posts ...

    I have actually started reading ... but it does take time! Still I must persevere ... and I do learn ... I'm losing some of my books, but am taking photos of what I give out to the Hospice ... I have a record ...

    Cheers and take care and see you around ... Hilary

    1. WP "morass" ... good word to describe it. Even though I had a hosted WP I had trouble commenting on the FREE WP sites. Yes, back to Blogger, once I got the hang of the new things on it ... like you I'm for not complicating the situation; I definitely have enough of those in my life as it is.

      Ah yes, there are ideas everywhere. I don't buy a paper anymore, or listen to the radio though I think occasionally of doing the latter; radio was very much a part of my youth, the 1950s (a topic here for a post). And yes, reading does take time, and I'm trying to squeeze that into my days too.

      Cheers to you too ... and I intend to keep seeing you around ... Ann